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Monday, July 26, 2004 :::

I forgot to mention one item about my stay in Florida. Whilst perusing the plethora of pamphlets (doesn't alliteration make you tingle inside!? Or is it just me?) in the hotel lobby where I was staying, I saw the usual brochures for theme parks, water parks and shopping centres. However, one gem stood out from the rest, with it's bright yellow and black colouring and this friendly man in brilliant colour, smiling and giving me the peace sign on the front:

Yes, folks. Burt Reynolds has a museum - it is, in fact, called the "Burt Reynolds and friends Museum." The text tells me this history:

Burt Reynolds, an international celebrity for over forty years has made Jupiter, Florida his home for most of his career. In recognition of his cultural contributions the Town of Jupiter graciously provided a building to house Mr. Reynolds lifetime collection celebrating the historical impact he has had on the film industry and the town...

It even tells me in huge red letters that this building is "Florida's Largest Celebrity Museum!"

You can visit their website: burtreynoldsmuseum.org.

Florida? Yeah. I rest my case.

::: posted by Robin at 3:09 PM

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