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Thursday, August 19, 2004 :::
Oh So Much

Soooo much has happened in the past few weeks. Julie came to visit! Yay! Then to NYC for a crazy fun bachelorette party weekend. Lost my wallet in a cab in NYC. Moved out of my apartment in CP, had problems with the movers, car broke, car got fixed, found out a nice woman found my wallet and mailed it back to me, drove home to NY. Now I'm home in Delmar, and I have 18 days till my sister's wedding and 26 days till London. WOOOO.

I also was looking at more air travel possibilities whilst I'm over in London and I found out that flying to say, Germany, will cost me only 35 pounds. I then realised that this is less than the cost of a pair of jeans over there (in London), and this makes me a) want to travel a lot and b) not want to buy jeans over there. And I REALLY like jeans.

I wonder if I'll actually spend any time in London if I can travel this easily and cheaply?


Ciao for now,
Robin :)

::: posted by Robin at 12:44 AM

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