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Wednesday, January 19, 2005 :::

The fort, by Robin

Once upon a time in the land of College Park, Princess Robin and Princess Debra decided it was high time for an arts and crafts project. So away they flew to Target to find some fun things to make. While overall they were dissapointed in said store, Princess Robin happened upon an awesome castle/fort in the REDUCED FOR CLEARANCE section. For only $2.61, they would have their own castle! And not just any castle - a cardboard, assembly-required, colour-in-yourself castle! It was the bestest castle in alllllll the land. Princess Robin and Princess Debra had so much fun putting it together and colouring it, and they were so surprised to find that 2 whole people could fit neatly inside! The two princesses were very excited and they lived happily ever after, (until Princess Debra left with Sir Mike of Fratinshire to go play with him, the slut).

The end!

::: posted by Robin at 2:18 PM

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