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Tuesday, March 15, 2005 :::
Oooooh geez.


So so sooosoososos much has happened in the past whatever months since I last wrote. I'm getting really good at disappearing for a while! Wooo I'm a magician. Do you like my bunny?

So anyway, yeah. My new life plan, as it happens, currently, this week is as follows:

Move to San Francisco. (Hopefully with Debra!? and maybe Adaye and Adam?!? and Annie? AAAAAAAAAAAA). Go to Culinary Arts School. Huh? What? I know, shut up, whatever. Live in that sweet, sweet city. Work in restaurants. Eventually open up own vegetarian/vegan/health conscious cafe-restauranty thing. I have an interview with some dude on Monday and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely 100% psyched.

Oh yeah, I'm going to San Francisco for Spring Break. WHAT!? AWESOME! SHUP!

bye for now sukkaaazzzz.

::: posted by Robin at 12:21 AM

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